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Windermere Wedding Cars



Our small family business has for 3 generations and over 100 years provided a very personal wedding service at a reasonable cost. In 1902 we gradually changed from providing horse-drawn carriages to motor cars and limousines for weddings in Lancashire and Westmorland. Photography in 1897 was taken using a Lancaster Instantograph Plate Camera.

In 1897 the cab business provided wedding service with horse drawn carriages. The horseless wedding carriage service started a few years later in 1902. The horse drawn carriage shown on the left continued to be used until the 1940s.

Our wedding transport service always included wedding photography using a Lancaster Instantograph plate camera. In the 1940s we changed to roll film cameras including Yashicamat and Hasselblad and in the 1970s changed from monochrome to colour

Some of the earliest cars used for our wedding service outside our garages. Car on the left is a Daimler, 1910 period.
(Photo taken about 1915)
Wedding Cars were traditionally black and it was not until the late 1960s that white and coloured cars were purchased. 

In the 1920s the Daimler became the popular wedding car and a fleet of 6 cars were purchased. The Daimler was always popular with Royal families. In May 1937 four of our cars travelled to London to be used for the Coronation of George 6th.


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