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Rolls Royce & Bentley

In the 1950s Rolls Royce introduced the Bentley R-Type and the almost identical Silver Dawn. These cars were generally regarded as the most beautiful saloon cars that Rolls Royce ever built. Although both cars had the same body and Rolls Royce engine, the Bentley R was the more popular car with the beautiful chrome radiator shell and the twin carburettors giving better performance.
Our silver R-type shown above is one of the finest examples on the road today. It was judged The Car Of The Show at the 2015 Leighton Hall Classic Vehicle Event and is kept in concours condition. The car has had an interesting 60 years of history with Royalty and Film Stars. It is available for wedding photography and films.

Windermere Landaulette

A "Gatsby" 1930s style car Landaulette. One of the most attractive features of this car is the rear quarter of the roof can fold down for travelling on a dry day and for photography.

Rolls Royce Windover Bridal Saloon

Some of England's finest coach builders made bespoke bodies for the early Rolls Royces and Bentleys. Windovers had many Royalty among their customers and were granted the seal of appointment by many members of Royal families in Britain and abroad. Our Rolls Royce by Windover is believed to be the only bridal car with this body ever built. Fully restored this must be one of the finest and photogenic automobiles available for weddings.
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